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Are You Setup for e-Business Success?

Meet Kartra, the complete & affordable funnels, courses, video and automated marketing tool that will help you leap ahead of the competition.


The best 1$ I’ve spent for my business!
– Aline Scott

Struggling to capture leads and turn them into loyal customers? With Kartra, you're equipped to win.

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We chose Kartra for our business

“We believe so much in Kartra that we’ve based our business on it. As Kartra experts, we’re helping customers use Kartra to its full potential, increase sales, and build automated marketing machines.”

– The team

About us

We're a bilingual team

Attention all French speakers !

Kartra is a great tool, available only in English. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable working in that language. We can help you set up and run your Kartra account – you can even send us your request in French 🙂

Why do 90% of businesses fail?

A staggering 90% of new businesses fail in the first year. One of the reasons for that: they are not properly setup for the digital world. Here are some examples:

  • Not being able to capture and nurture your leads
  • Not knowing enough about your clients' journeys
  • Wasting ad budget because of poor follow-up
  • Spending time and money juggling different softwares

Our (secret) weapon for success

What if we told you about an all-in-one tool that can help you streamline and automate your business, capture more leads and retain more customers – at a price you can afford?

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Are you a coach, consultant, expert, teacher

looking to build an online course?

Follow this link to read more specifically about our experience with setting up memberships and courses. We believe that Kartra is the best tool for this job – and the least expensive option if you consider all the different capabilities it includes.

Introducing Kartra

What is Kartra?

Kartra is a cloud-based, fully-integrated online marketing platform with a fixed monthly payment that will allow you to create, launch and market your online business easily.

You get everything you need to succeed: attractive landing pages, membership capabilities, and an efficient checkout process that’s designed to maximise customer conversion rates.

14-day trial for 1$ | about 0,80$ | cancel anytime

What is Kartra?
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Entrepreneurs rave about Kartra

Get an ally for your marketing success

If you choose to use Kartra (and we think you will :)), you also have the option to connect with us for help, if and when needed.

We can help with setup, page building, graphic design, video ads and more. Whenever you need, we are here to help you succeed!

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14-day trial for 1$ | about 0,80€ | cancel anytime

What's included in Kartra?

(Simply, everything you need to boost your business)

  • Fully automated email marketing campaign platform
  • High-conversion automated sales funnels
  • Easy to use professionally designed pages, forms, and email templates
  • Complete lead management, tagging and scoring
  • Quick drag and drop builder for pages, forms and emails
  • Custom code in pages
  • Complete membership builder
  • Managed membership access and usage tracking
  • Membership portals (multiple memberships access)
  • Split testing and link tracking software
  • Easy to use shopping cart
  • Sales-boosting countdown timers
  • Upsells and bump offers
  • Self-billing, cancellations, refunds
  • Link traffic tracking
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (B.A.M.)
  • Calendar and appointment scheduling software
  • Help desk ticketing system, including live chat
  • Seamless email ticketing system
  • Video hosting with advanced marketing features
  • View user activity in real-time and profile your audience
  • Full affiliate management system
  • Campaign analytics platform
  • More than 2000 Zapier connections
  • Integrate seamlessly with Webinar Jam and Everwebinar

Kartra integrations

Kartra integrations

Yes, Kartra includes sales funnels

Sales funnels are part of a solid digital business strategy – and they are included in Kartra.

It has been well proven that sales funnels can take a business zero and transform it into a money-making marketing machine seemingly overnight.

In fact, some people have built a career around implementing this concept in business.

In short: a sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase. With sales funnels, you can guide your potential clients through a series of steps, learn about their behavior and preferences, serve them the right content, and turn them into loyal customers.

funnels illustration

Get our Lead Magnet Sales Funnel e-book

Want to get started with sales funnels? Our 14-pages interactive e-book explains what funnels are, and include a fillable to-do list to create your first lead magnet sales funnel.

The document also contains an extra bonus: our own mini-workshop that helps you write effective brand statements that boost conversions.

Sales Funnels e-book cover

Build your own

vs Kartra

  • Sure, you could try building it from different softwares, if you like:

  • Kartra has it all

    0 €/m


Amazingly, Kartra costs less

Not only is Kartra an excellent product, it’s affordable and available through monthly subscription. We have reviewed several other solutions and concluded two things:

    1. Kartra is at the top of the list when it comes to fully integrated , easy to use marketing systems. That’s why we chose to work exclusively with it.
    2. Kartra’s pricing is the lowest if you consider all the functionalities that are included.

Starting at 79$ a month
if you choose to pay yearly, Kartra is a real bargain. But the most important part is that it will save you time, software costs, and lots of headaches!

14-day trial for 1$ | about 0,80$ | cancel anytime

Frequently asked questions

Depending on their business model, some businesses can be built exclusively with Kartra pages, removing the need to create an external website. Note: You will still need a domain name and an email.

Kartra integrates well with most existing websites. You can add forms, links to a membership area, opt-in forms, and connect your website – and cart – to Kartra.

Subscriptions start at 79$/month if you pay yearly.

Yes. Kartra has comprehensive onboarding lessons, a Facebook page where you can interact with other users and you alse can ask experts (like us) for help.

You can contact us at any moment for help in French or  English. We can assist you with anything Kartra-related, and our services extend to branding, web design and marketing.

Anna's story

Grab a coffee, it's story time

Kartra saved my business - and my sanity!

I’ve learned the hard way, so let me share my experience with you. I had done my research and read some books, so I thought I was ready to enter the digital jungle.

So I started to set up my consulting business. Somehow, I thought that building a website was enough. I mean, I was aware that I needed to do some advertising, but I genuinely thought that having a website and running ads would take me on the road to success..

Boy, was I wrong.

Some leads were coming but for some reason sales were low. I did a bit of research and decided to try a cheap email marketing software.

It was great at first, but I soon realized that I was lacking data to really understand my customers. I also had a hard time managing  my customers’ requests. My inbox was getting cluttered and I was getting frustrated. So I subscribed for a helpdesk software.

I somehow managed to connect the website, the ads platform, the email, and the helpdesk together. It worked but it was clunky. I kept jumping from one software to the other all day, wasting precious time. Uhh.

And after all that effort, I thought that my set up was not optimal. But to take everything down and start again would take so much time and cost the company so much…

I was lucky enough to learn about Kartra at that point. Because to be honest, I was starting to get desperate.

Now that I have switched, I can’t tell you how easy running my business is. Now that every piece of the puzzle is connected, I have a better view of my leads’ journey and I’m better able to send them exactly what they need. I now get twice the number of customers per month. Thank you Kartra <3

14-day trial for 1$ | about 0,80$ | cancel anytime