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How I found the ultimate tool to

Create online courses quickly and easily

No more connecting various apps together in order to create the ideal online course business. I found the solution for you!

Kartra is the only complete business-in-a-box for online teaching. Grow faster, easier – and spending less!

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If you want to learn how to get started or boost your existing online courses business, you’re at the right place!

Why? Because I’ve been through the experience myself. Done the research, tried the tools… and I will share my findings with you.

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My name is Marie Eve and I'm the owner of Play Again Agency, which specializes in branding and marketing. We're based in France. Let's get started!

Don't be a slave to time

Creating an online course is one of the best ways to create a stable source of income that you can grow overtime with minimal time and effort. Let me explain.

As you know, most online expert coaches and consultants trade time for money. Because of that, there’s a limited number of people you can work with in a day, week, month. Therefore your income is limited by the time you have.
Creating an online course frees you from that constraint. Time no longer is a factor in how much money you can make in a month. There is no limit to the scaling of your business. Isn’t that exciting?

Having a well put together course that sells well also gives you credibility and establishes you further as an expert in your domain. That means that you can higher your consulting fee!

Consultation vs Courses

The big question is... which tool?

There are so many online course platforms out there to create courses hen you are in coaching, online education & courses, personal training or consulting businesses.

I started comparing the different options out there: features, ease of use, price.

To me, Kartra came out as the clear winner. It literally had all the tools I needed to create an online course, host my website and promote my service.

Kartra’s background is in webinars. Since then, they added loads and loads of capabilities such as marketing automation and funnels, making that platform the best, most complete tool for people in the online teaching business.
As a matter fact, many of them have elected to use Kartra or have switched over to Kartra in the past months.


I get all features, for less money

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a tool that does everything need under one roof. I can get things done quicker, I’m more organized, I save lots and lots of time.

Juggling different applications hasn’t been a good experience for me in the epast. Compatibility issues, updates that break everything, different bills, customer service etc. And I am kind of a geek so I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for some of you out there!

It sounds crazy, but by using a single platform, you end up saving money, too. Let me give you two examples of such setups:

Online course setup 1

  • Teach:able (for online courses): starts at $29/month
  • Clickfunnels (sales funnels) starts at $97/month
  • ConvertKit (email automation): starts at $29/month
  • Freshdesk (helpdesk) starts at $19/month

Total: start price is $174/month. 

Online course setup 2

  • Thinkific (for courses): starts at $39/month
  • Clickfunnels (sales funnels) starts at $97/month
  • Mailchimp (email automation): standard plan at $15/month

  • Pipedrive (helpdesk) starts at $12/month

Total: start price is $163/month. 

Kartra, however, has the plan starting at $99 a month. And you get everything. Including more time on your hands. But less headaches. You get less of that 🙂

$ 0 + /mo

Setup 1

$ 0 + /mo

Setup 2

$ 0 /mo


My experience with Kartra

So I opened an account and started to play around with it.

I found it was quite easy to get started. There’s a guide that takes you through it, ample resources and a great, friendly and active Facebook group.

Although the interface is not my favorite (but keep in mind that I’m quite picky, being in the design industry), I got used to it fairly quickly and created a membership area, a sales page, a series of emails.

Within about two days, I had made significant progress.

Kartra has a drag and drop editor that allows you to make good looking courses that look professional. There’s no coding knowledge required so it works even for non-technical people.
Now I have to say that I already have knowledge in web stuff so, of course it, was pretty straightforward for me. But I’ll be very honest with you, I think my mom could do it 😀

The crazy part in my opinion is that it’s an all in one business for people like us. You can build your courses, sell your courses, keep in touch with your leads or prospects, help people via the help desk, upload videos, take payments, get comprehensive statistics and much more. You can even build a website right on Kartra! No need for an external website if you don’t want one.

Yes, you can also market your course with (included) sales funnels

Have you ever heard of sales funnels? Well you can create them on the platform too. This is such a timesaver: no need to connect to external apps: everything you need is included. Bye-bye headaches!

There are different ways of creating sales funnels but in order to explain I’m giving you an example:

  • You create a Facebook ad for a free offer that you put together.
  • When a user clicks on the link, he or she is redirected to a funnels page where they fill a form to receive it.
  • An email is automatically sent with the download link ot the attached document. The email also encourage them to view one of your recent videos.
  • In the backend, this user’s email is stored in a list and will now start to receive your email sequence, which contains content of interest.
  • You will have access to statistics and information about the user’s journey.
  • You are on the way to better understanding your customers – and fine-tuning your business!


Here is why the method is so powerful – make sure you read this part to really understand why you should never rely solely on ads:

When you create an ad to your product, people may or may not click. The truth is, most won’t. Why, because they don’t know you and you’re asking for money. Nobody likes that 😀
However, if you offer something of value for free – like a sneak peek of a very informative course, a free e-book, a free consultation etc, you are more likely to get favorable response, in the shape of an email that they will input on the form that needs to be completed for them to get said offer. And boom! you are now building a list of interested people that you can contact in the future, for free!

I call it marketing independence!

Get your free funnels e-book

For those of you who aren’t familiar with sales funnels, here’s a form where you can order my free 14-pages e-book.

It explains what the finals are, but also gives you a step-by-step method to creating a lead magnet funnel. Oh and it includes another bonus: a little chat like mini course on how to write your best selling tagline (I work in branding, you see :))

Yes, by the time you fill out this form, your email is going to be in our list! But fear not, we’re not going to bombard you with useless information. Quite the opposite: we strive to give quality information in order to help you progress in your business. And you can opt out anytime.

Sales Funnels e-book cover

I hope I’ve been able to help you in your search for the best platform for online courses. Granted, it’s not a review of all existing platforms. I simply wanted to share the tool I chose for my business.

If you want to give Kartra a try, go ahead – it’s only $1 and you get to play with it for 15 days. If you don’t like the tool, you can cancel at any time.